Bringing your dream home to life is an amazing and rewarding experience that we here at Best Custom Homes value being apart of. In order to ensure the best experience possible for all parties during the home building process, we begin every potential project conversation with what we call “The Discovery Process”.

We've broken down this process, visually, in a simple infographic. Take a look:

Especially for mountain homes, site planning is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. Most homeowners building their dream home, pick their specific location for a reason -- it calls to them, it is somewhere they can’t envision outgrowing. However, the most common misconception about building in the mountains is that the cost per square foot to build a home is relatively close to building in a more suburban area. We want to help provide clarity during the discovery process and ensure that your home can be built within your budget before you get too far into your home building experience.

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During this discovery process, our goal is to gain some perspective on your budget, site and expectations. We do this through three vital steps:

1. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire

Our Pre-Qualification Questionnaire is an easy-to-use, digital survey that helps us understand you and your project a little before we meet.

2. Discovery Meeting

Once we have reviewed your questionnaire, we sit down with you to discuss your project and any potential and unforeseen costs that could occur. By doing this, solutions can be found early that fit your budget and abide by local regulations.

3. Site Walk

When we walk your site, we are checking that the location allows for the solar orientation, view corridors, and the natural features of your site to be fully appreciated and optimized.

We believe open and honest communication in this early stage of the building process is absolutely vital. By following these first three steps, we can give you a better picture of the cost to build in your area, as well as the home you have developed. In doing this, we are better able to match your dream home expectations to your budget so that we are able to move efficiently through the process of making that dream home a reality.

To learn more about the discovery process, download our informative infographic or email